The BETAFIRE fire detection system is supplied for common areas with wired or wireless sensors (Option V1) or for individual apartment units with wireless sensors (Option V2). The sensor is powered by a 9V battery with a typical battery life of one year.

In the event of an alarm, the sensor beeps and the system sends an SMS to up to 3 defined phone numbers and/or notifies the central protection desk. Because the system is able to recognize which sensor is sending an alarm message, it is easy to find the location of the event.

The provided maintenance services also include a check of the functions, battery status and an alarm test.
If you want to be protected against damage caused by fire in your home to the fullest extent possible, we recommend a combination of smoke detectors in common areas and individual apartments. This option will allow you to respond promptly to a fire and thus minimize damage to the property and human health.

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