The BETAGATE access system offers the replacement of classic keys with electronic chips using contactless RFID or contact Dallas chips.

An access system unit with a reader, where the users swipe their chips, is located in the area of the entrance to the building. After swiping, it identifies the chip and enables or disables entrance to the building.


The access system can be connected to a Beta Control lift. The system can then call the lift after the door is open according to the set up rights (or select a closer or defined lift).
When opening the door, the system calls a lift for the visitor in combination with the house phone.


The remote management of the chip database enables the easy activation of new chips, blocking of existing or lost chips and keeping of entries.
Within the service, we offer the management of user chips, data export – outputs from the registry of access, control and inspection of sensors, inspection of installation and technical service.


When installing the access system, we offer the reconstruction of the entire door portal including bell boards and house intercom.
Door portals are available in plastic or aluminum designs, with the optional integration of mailboxes and bell boards.
The doors are equipped with an electromechanical lock, fittings and door check.
We always propose solutions depending on the layout of a particular house.

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