The Beta Control dispenser is designed for refilling summer and winter windshield washer fluids from all major manufacturers, no matter what the fluids’ composition (physical properties).

The dispenser works without the use of packaging. This enables customers to:

  • produce less waste and spend less on waste collection,
  • free up sales space in shops at gas stations,                                                      
  • sell windshield washer fluid for less,
  • give the exact amount that the customer needs.

cerpacka c zmens


The Beta Control dispenser works identically to a fuel dispenser:

  • the dispenser is activated by lifting the delivery nozzle,
  • the flow of fluid is controlled by the delivery nozzle’s lever,
  • fluid dispensing is terminated by hanging up the nozzle in the dispenser.

After dispensing is complete, data on the amount and the total price of the fluid dispensed remains shown on the dispenser’s display and is only reset after the customer pays at the checkout.

The dispenser’s standard location is on one of the gas station’s islands.

Dispenser features:
  • one-sided and two-sided versions (2 nozzles and 2 separate displays),
  • a nozzle adapted to the windshield washer fluid tank’s narrow neck and slow fluid flow,
  • easy installation (approx. 12 hours) at existing gas stations without the need for major construction work,
  • availability for both public and non-public gas stations (e.g. at companies),
  • a self-supporting modular construction with high corrosion resistance,
  • a standard communication protocol that enables interconnection with all common types of checkout systems and fuel dispensers,
  • a high accuracy for measurement of the dispensed fluid – 0.5% (this system is certified by the Czech Metrology Institute),
  • certification by Physical-Technical Testing Institute, s.p., as a device that is usable in explosive atmospheres,
  • a dispenser design that can be customized to meet customer requirements,
  • a storage tank with a capacity of  400 gal (1,500 liters).

cerpacka d zmens

Each dispenser comes with an operation, maintenance, and installation manual and an EC declaration of conformity. The dispensing system is manufactured with high accuracy and care, to ensure long-term reliable and safe operation.

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