Beta Control s.r.o. develops, produces and supplies ADP electronic calculators for fuel dispensers.
ADP/T counters are the latest design line and extend the functional possibilities of the previous ADP/M series.

We supply electronic calculators for the dispensing of:

  • regular fuels (gasoline, diesel)
  • LPG (propane-butane)
  • CNG (compressed natural gas)
  • LNG (liquefied Natural Gas)
  • AdBlue (urea)

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In addition to the basic functions of dispensing and measuring, ADP/T electronic calculators integrate the following functions:

Communication with the control system of the gas station

The calculators are normally equipped with an RS485 communication interface on which they communicate using our proprietary protocol EasyCall. However, DART, NARA and Pumalan communication protocols are also implemented.
All calculators in the ADP/T series and older ADP/E and ADP/M series can be extended to communication according to the IFSF/LON standard.

Electronic calibration of meters

This feature replaces the mechanical calibration of meters using electronic calibration. ADP counters in the calibration mode allow individual meters to supply the selected amount of fuel into the cubic meter and to enter the measured correction deviations into the counter if the supplied amount is not exact. The calculator remembers the entered deviations in its non-volatile (voltage-independent) memory. During each transaction (delivery of fuel), the calculator continuously recalculates the supplied amount according to the deviation remembered for the particular meter.
Activation of the calibration of meters, including entering the deviations is protected by a switch under the metrological seal.

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)

For the supply of LPG, gasoline and diesel, a sensor for measuring the temperature of the supplied fuel can be connected to the ADP counters. The ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) principle is based on the continuous measurement of the supplied medium and recalculation of the supplied amount to the reference temperature (+15 °C). This ensures that at any actual temperature of the medium, it measures and charges for the supplied volume as if the medium had the base reference temperature. Activation of the recording of compensation ATC tables and the actual ATC settings is protected by switches under the metrological seal.

Electronic control and calibration of vapor extraction

The counters enable the electronic control of vapor extraction and its calibration. The software of the counter starts the pump motor when the supply of fuel begins and during refueling, it controls (opens/closes) the proportional valve for vapor extraction depending on the currently measured volume of fuel delivered.

Thermal protection control of pump motors

The calculators enable the use of pump motor blocks with an integrated contactor and thermal motor protection. In the case of malfunction, the motor turns off and the calculator reports an error which it remembers as the prevention of similar malfunctions.
A motor which experiences an outage of thermal protection starts the calculator after servicing.

Mass measurement of dispensed LPG and gasoline/diesel

Mass measurements of the dispensed volume record the income and sales of fuel at the gas station. The main advantages of this product include the high reliability of weight meters, the simple design of the dispenser and the extended diagnostic features of the stand. Values of transactions can be displayed in liters or kilograms.

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