Brake Switch BC-BRAKE.PMC

A device which switches the brake with a voltage of 207 V DC and after a certain time this voltage is decreased to 140 V DC. This will ensure reliable switching while also decreasing the power on the brake winding.

The device is primarily designed for brakes from Warner-Electric Europe, specifically for the following types:

  • VAR15-02
  • VAR07 SZ420-350
  • VAR07 SZ600-550

This device is currently designed for PMC series motors from elevatorEquip.


Weighing BC-ELA.LMS

Weighing BC-ELA.LMS is intended for weighing the load in elevator cabins. It is a device controlled with a microprocessor that senses the load values of individual sensors, pre-processes them and sends them to the control system via the elevator bus using the BSH protocol for further processing.

The product is a component of the elevator control system. It consists of a control unit and two, three or four force sensors on the strain gauge principle

Possible options:

  • BC-ELA.LMS.2 – two sensors
  • BC-ELA.LMS.3 – three sensors
  • BC-ELA.LMS.4 – four sensors


  • maximum load 4 tonnes (with four sensors)
  • power supply 12 or 24V from the elevator bus
  • retrieving values from sensors for 200 msec
  • sending of data to the control system in the case of a change greater than 5 kg

LMS VazeniMensi

The device is primarily designed for brakes from the manufacturer Warner-Electric Europe, specifically for these types:

  • VAR15-02
  • VAR07 SZ420-350
  • VAR07 SZ600-550

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