In the field of elevators, as early as 1995 Beta Control presented the control system VTA951 designed as a replacement of the VRN type relay switchboards. The subsequent development resulted in the creation of a new version of the system with the type designation VTA971 designed as a replacement of most types of relay switchboards installed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.The company’s development in the field of elevators resulted in supplying lift switchboards of the RVTA type for repairs of old elevators and then also in extending to complete electrical equipment of new elevators, including project documentation.

Since 2004, the company has been cooperating with its customers also on the complete supply of elevators and organization of their subsequent servicing. Through this cooperation and aim to increase reliability and to minimize problems with the installation of elevators, the company has arrived at selected type solutions of elevators designed for modernizations in panel apartment buildings. In these types, emphasis is placed particularly on tuning the technical solution and design.

In 2009, the innovation of electronic control components was finished. It was aimed at a distributed elevator control system which started a significant extension of the possibility of remotely monitoring elevators from the service centre. The main parts of the new control system are a central elevators control unit (Kk-Webmon module), a cabin control unit (Itab module) and software of the monitoring centre for serviced elevators (Kk-Webrman module).
Via the distributed control system it is also possible to obtain remotely information on the setting and operating parameters of the components from external suppliers integrated in the entire control system. These include, for example, the door control unit from the Czech company STROJON - výtahy s.r.o. or frequency converters for drive control Frenic Lift (manufacturer Fuji, Japan) and, in the future, also Zetadyn4 (manufacturer Ziehl-Abegg, Germany).

In 2013, sales of the new control system BC-ELA started. Primarily it is designated for the control of modern machine-free lifts, but it can also be used for elevators with machine rooms in which the same control system is located in the conventional type of switchboard.

Beta Control s.r.o. currently operates a supervisory centre whose staff process information transferred from individual elevator applications using control systems developed by us and this activity forms the basis for providing qualified technical support. We have also a service computer server via which we offer scheduling of compulsory elevator inspections with record-keeping, filing elevator documentation (wiring diagram, layout drawing, lift book) in electronic form and its online availability to the service engineer on his tablet, the so-called WEB-service.

We also offer our customers connection to the central protection desk (PCO) with day-and-night service, which can help customers deal with rescue in the case of the failure of a elevator. This service can take the form of physical rescue or only giving information on the lift alarm to selected and trained residents of the house.

Connection to the PCO is useful particularly when the Safe House elements are applied along with the lift.

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