Vehicle Door Control

The Beta Control Company cooperates with its customers to develop units that control electromechanical DC motors with a two-channel encoder and that are intended for a supply voltage of +24VDC.

These units may be placed in rolling stock, trolleybuses and buses for mass passenger transport.

We offer these types of unit:

  • RC2 (trolleybuses)
  • RC3 (metro in Prague)
  • RC4 (trams)
  • RC4-FD (trams in Germany and Hungary)
  • RC5-72VDC (metro in Moscow)
  • RC6-12VDC (buses)
  • EB40 (trains, trams in Bratislava and Budapest)
  • PJP-04 (sand blasting machines in rolling stocks).

Currently we cooperate with the companies IGE and ELMESY in this field.

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Elevator Door Control

We have developed an elevator door control unit for our customers that are suppliers of complete elevator doors.

This unit is designed to control three-phase permanent magnet motors and asynchronous motors with a rated output of up to 250W. It is supplied together with a motor and photocell as a complete set for elevator doors.

Currently we cooperate with STROJON výtahy s.r.o. in this field.

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