Control applications include both purpose-built comprehensive systems as well as library modules.
Examples of comprehensive applications can be e.g. the WREMS and Kk-Webrman systems implemented by us.


The WREMS (Web Remote Equipment Monitoring System) application runs on the gas station operator's equipment, its individual parts run at the particular gas stations. These parts monitor the technological equipment of the given gas station. Reports on the technological equipment are sent to the operator. Reports include, inter alia, information on faults, which allow service technicians to prepare for dispatch to a certain type of failure, and warning of the possible occurrence of a failure, allowing service employees to take prophylactic measures during regular inspections.

The comprehensive Kk Webrman application for monitoring lifts runs at the service organization and the monitoring systems run in the buildings with installed lifts. Reports on individual lifts, their faults etc. are received using this application in the office of the service organization.

Library modules provided by us include .DLL libraries for Windows for the management of technological equipment of gas stations. Library modules enable the implementation of control applications without any knowledge of protocols and any experience with the implementation of communication software. Communication with the technological equipment is provided by the library modules that receive commands from the application on their interface and provide data received from technological equipment to the application.

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